"Most of the times we don't need many elements to have a great story. I love the images where things are not very explicit. I like when my mind has to scan the image and try to understand what is happening there and the photographer did in very well here. He managed to delimit the action from (probably) a crowded venue, with a lot of people into this beautiful contrasted story - first, we have the environment, which is definitely busy.. .makes me think about a wild party and then the quietness of the couple and the little girl playing. Also, it can be a contrast between the mess on the floor and the purity of the human elements - the love between the couple and the innocence of the girl.

The lighting is also really good in my opinion because it takes my eyes exactly to what the photographer wanted me to see. The colours great, are vibrant, are full of life. Is definitely a different approach of the first dance and I like it."


Marius Dragan
Jury member 8th round Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE 


Photo by Tom Orsino-Allen



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