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Why the Masters?

Liam Crawley - Wedding Photographer

Liam Crawley

Masters of wedding photography is an absolute power brand in the awards scene, judged by some of the very best photographers in the industry. It’s a competition of high credibility and one I will continue entering for years to come. Awards are important to me and not just from a positive marketing point of view they push me to better myself as an artist and the feeling of achieving through accolades inspires me.

Dominique Shaw

I’ve been involved in a number of photography competitions over the years both as an entrant and a judge and what I like about Masters in particular is the international element. As a judge it’s incredible to see different styles of images from around the world and as an entrant to the UK competition it’s really interesting to see which images prove to be universal in the way they connect with people in other countries and other cultures.

Dominique Shaw - Wedding Photographer

Steve Rooney

Entering the Masters awards motivates me to look more critically at my own work and strive to improve and create new work at every wedding. It's really helped me to stay relevant in an ever changing industry, given clients confidence in my brand and provided me with something to be proud of!

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Award Winners

Round 31 - 2024

Hollie Mateer - Wedding photographer of the quarter 2024-1