After judging the Masters contest in the Netherlands, we asked Valerie Hidalgo to pick her favourite image and why.


"When I go to a wedding, this is the kind of picture what I am looking for! A photo with a powerful emotional impact. More than being busy with the technical side, I look at the expressions of the people; joy, sadness or nervousness. In this case, you don’t need to explain the picture. Their bodies, faces and their hands speak for themselves. You can feel the emotion in them… “Pure love”.


photo by Ashvin Ghisyawan


The photographer is close enough and stood in front of the action. I love it because I can appreciate both expressions and the connection between them. If we add some good light that focusses the attention on them, then I think we have a photography award. That's why I love this photo."

Valerie Hidalgo

Jury Member 6th round Masters of Dutch Wedding Photography




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