The international jurors we select for each round have already proven themselves for quite some time. This makes them very capable of distinguishing a good wedding photo from a nice wedding photo. Aspects they pay attention to include: impact, emotion, atmosphere, creativity, use of light, composition and post-processing. 



All entries are assessed anonymously, which means that the photographer’s name is not visible, and the jurors are not together to discuss photos.
When 2 or 3 jurors vote for a particular photo, this photo is presented with an award.
A juror cannot see which photo has received a vote from another juror.
A juror can vote for up to 10% of the entries.
There is no minimum with respect to the number of votes per juror





Ruud Claessen


My name is Ruud Claessen, pleasant. Born in '82 and raised in Linne. About 15 years ago I moved to the 'big city' Roermond, where I am still living (now in Herten), together with my girlfriend Nathalie. In the same period I was infected with the photography virus. Nowhere else than at the Kruidvat I bought my first digital camera, with no less than 2 Megapixels of brute force. No expense or effort was spared, so I immediately bought the largest and most expensive memory card, with a huge capacity of 64Mb. Nowadays such a card would be full after 3 photos, but at the time it was the crème de la crème. I think it's crazy to work with people and capture them at their best. To immortalize those beautiful, sweet, funny and touching moments. Making memories that you will never forget. That is my passion, and that is why the profession of photographer fits me perfectly. 





Andreas Pollok


I love the meaning of love, I love the meaning of marriage. I have a beautiful wife and I am a proud husband and father of two of the best kids in the world. 

Weddings give us photographers the incredible opportunity to challenge so many situations. You have to be a good story teller, a good landscape photographer, you must have an eye for beautiful details and you must be a good portrait photographer. I really like to merge into the wedding, to be a part of the wedding so that no one perceives me as a photographer. I am a light junkie. I always search for the best light, to create some dramatic romantic stuff on the wedding day.

In the last couple years i have received several awards in the ISPWP, WPJA, WPS, Fearless and also the Masters. Last year my name was listed in the ISPWP Top 20 Wedding photographers in the world.


Pasquale Minniti 


My passion is photography. When I talk about it I refer to a real journey amongst colors,lights, shapes and more. It's a journey amongst moods,emotions, adrenaline.Thanks to my passion, simple ideas turn into shoot full of emotions. I love how  photography can affect people. A single image can change the mood of a person from an emotion to another in few seconds. I like taking simple pics, simple but meaningful. I work with very few material and lots of craziness! With craziness I mean that I have fun and make the couple have fun as well. Make them comfortable and do what they do in order to take a good shoot. This is possible only if I expose myself. The perfect mix between reportage and posing, is what I like to call 'emotional posing'. In my style of photography, I mix reportage and emotional posing. Follow the emotions and taking pics that show how people feel towards what they're doing and where they are. I love telling stories through my camera which is why at every wedding my mission is to tell the love story in a personal and unique way, letting the events flow naturally.I want and can take fresh pics, normal and dynamic, full of emotions. Without the usual posing I can emphasize the energy and personality that make every couple unique.