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Nick Ray Photography

Awards last year: 0
Lifetime awards: 4

I'm Nick, a documentary wedding photographer based in London. I'm an experienced photojournalist and it's my job to document genuine moments. I've spent over fifteen years working for the Times in London covering assignments and features all over the world. I love photographing people, great portraiture is about saying something more about the subject than just what they look like. I've been lucky enough to meet and photograph all sorts of people from royalty, world leaders and celebrities to many ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events. As a photojournalist you learn to think on your feet and adapt to the situation while the pressure is on, whilst staying aware of everything going on around you. Operating the camera is second nature, all your mental effort is directed to capturing the moment, and anticipating the next one, whilst still using the best light and concentrating on composition. This is just as true on the front line as it is at a wedding. To me weddings are a story, just like an assignment for a newspaper or magazine, and I bring the same skills to every wedding I photograph.

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