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HBA Photography
Awards: 6
Lifetime awards: 7

Ben Appleby

Hi, we’re Ben and Hannah and we have an awesome job – Fact. We’re wedding photographers! Ben and I were married in 2008, we’ve spent our time since then building our business and renovating our house in Doveridge. We have two dogs at the moment, Scamp our Labradoodle and Bella our Newfiepoo (google it!). I’m sure the future includes more dogs and one day the dream is for a small holding with lots of rescue animals! So, what else do you need to know…? Well we love weddings throughout the UK and all over the world and you’ll get extra bonus points from Ben if your wedding is close to an awesome scuba diving site 😉 We’re super relaxed and have a easy going approach to taking photos. We know that most people hate having their picture taken (I know we do!) so we make it fun, not ‘posey’ and formal, whilst still aiming to give you something special that your friends and family aren’t going to be able to capture on the day. We’re always on hand to help keep things running smoothly so you can enjoy the day – let’s face it, that’s the important bit!!